April 29, 2011

Photo Feature Friday No. 3

Hello.  Welcome to Photo Feature Friday No. 3!  I have some pretty pink tulips to show you today.  If you recall, pink was today's challenge...if you took photos of something else, that's okay too :)

I had a terrible time trying to get these pictures.  Since I'm still learning the ins and outs of my camera and photography too, for that matter, I always try to focus my attention on good composition and lighting.  I never use the flash when taking pictures, just natural light....however, it has been so dreary and rainy here that things weren't really working out the best.

I used the Color Pop action from Florabella and the WarmSun and Serendipity textures from Kim Klassen on my photos to try and jazz them up a bit.  I think I overdid the texture on the one above with the "E" though...now that I'm looking at it closer.

I shot all of my photos on AV mode at f/4 or f/4.5, ISO 200 and shutter speeds of 1/15 to 1/30.  I wish I could've taken some closeups of the flowers...I want a macro lens so bad I could almost cry!

Well, are you ready for a photo show and tell? 
I can't wait to see your beautiful photography.

Things to note:

• Extra hugs to you if you mention photography in your post •
• Please include a link to the party or the party's button in your post •
• Go out and share the lve •

If you want more party specifics or need to know how to link up, you can look here.  Please link your post, not the main page of your blog...I've noticed that some people are doing this.  If you need to know how to link to your post please click the link above.

Next week's suggested theme or challenge is: Vintage

Best wishes ♥ Tricia

April 26, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Oh happy day! It's Tuesday already, can you believe it?

Did you have a spectacular Easter? Mine was quite lovely...thank you for asking. I ate lots and lots and then ate some more...mostly sweets, which I am now regretting, by the way. I think that I'll have to start doing some posts about exercising or something of that nature to get myself back on track!

No exercise posts today though, instead I thought I'd just put up a put up few photos that I added some texture to and visit with you a bit.  It's Kim Klassen's Serendipity texture, in case you were wondering.  It has a nice, worn, vintage look that I think goes well with the things in my photos...like these little opera glasses.

Aren't they the prettiest thing? I can't recall where I got them. Oh wait, it may have been at an auction. Yes...that seems right. I think they look so nice paired with that vintage book too. And you know, I can't really remember when or where I got that either. Are you like that...acquiring things and then never remembering anything about them?

I always love it when I buy something old and there's a little bit of a story behind it. I have an antique table that came with a little note saying that it was from the Pillsbury mansion.  It makes me think of the Dough Boy.  My heart also goes a little pitter-patter when I find a beautiful old book that's adorned with handwriting inside it's covers...someone's name or a note about it being a gift.  It makes it feel like it was loved and a little bit special.  Do you have any old, vintage things you've found with a story behind them?

Well lovely people, that's all I have to share for today.  I think there's a cookie upstairs calling my name...kidding...no not really ;)  I hope you're having a wonderful week!

 ♥ Tricia

I'm sharing this post at Texture Tuesday and the Live Every Moment Photo Challenge.

April 22, 2011

Photo Feature Friday No. 2

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Photo Feature Friday No. 2.  If you're new here, I'm glad you came by and if you were here last week, I'm glad you're back!  I want to give everyone who participated last week a big, gigantical hug and say thank you for joining me here at my blog...you made me so happy!

So anyway, I hope you've all had a good week.  Are you ready for Easter?  Did you get your candy and then eat it all?  I have to admit that I snuck a few pieces...I made sure to buy things I don't really like, so I wouldn't get too carried away...that's a good plan isn't it?  For the big day, I'm going to my parents' house.  I'm really looking forward to visiting with everyone and eating, of course.

In celebration of the holiday, the suggested theme for today's photos was "Easter." I had wanted my photos to represent the true meaning of the day, but I was really short on time this week and was having a hard time thinking of something to photograph. In the end, I had to resort to a few simple little vignettes. I used dyed eggs and then added some texture in the form of burlap, a little nest and a plant saucer.

Since I'm always trying to figure out camera settings, I thought I'd share mine.  All of these photos were shot using an 18-55mm lens, Aperture Priority mode, ISO 200, f/5 with shutter speeds between 1/30 and 1/60.  I used the Sweet Vintage action from Florabella and WarmSun from Kim Klassen Cafe, both around 40% opacity, depending on the photo.

Well, are you ready to razzle dazzle me?  I can't wait to see your beautiful photography.

Please remember:

• To include a link to the party or the party's button in your post •
• To go out and share the lve •

If you want more party specifics or need to know how to link up, you can look here.

Next week's suggested theme is:  Pink

Happy Easter ♥ Tricia

April 21, 2011

Hello! Hello!

Hello my little loveyloos!  I just wanted to put up a short post, pop in and say Hi!  I feel like I haven't been visiting with everyone very much lately...I've been really busy this week, always playing catch-up it seems.

Yesterday, my Little Miss and I dyed Easter eggs. Oh my goodness was she excited! I loved seeing how much she enjoyed doing something so simple.  She was amazed by all of the different colors and how pretty the eggs looked when we were finished.  The minute we were done with our little project, she wanted to taste them all and had three gone in no time! I'm lucky that I was even able to snap a few photos!

Speaking of photos...don't forget that tonight we link-up for Photo Feature Friday.  I hope you'll join in.  I'm going to put the post up earlier this time...I'm thinking around 5:00 or 6:00 central time.  Part of me likes it earlier because of time differences between the coasts, but then part of me likes it later, because after all it is a Friday party.  I've never understood why all these link parties start the evening before their designated day?!

Anyway...hope to see you there! 

Have a great day ♥ Tricia

April 18, 2011

Highs and Lows

Hello!  Happy Monday to you!  I'm hoping that the next few days will be filled with only wonderful occurences.   I had some interesting moments last week and thought I'd share some of the high and lows.  Get ready to be jealous.

The weather.  Cold with a bit of snow thrown in.  Thus, the pictures for today's post..I'm wishing for a vacation.

More time to get ready for shorts.

Going to a Twins game at the new stadium and riding the light rail for the first time.

Going out for pizza before the game, ordering artichokes and getting ANCHOVIES instead. 

 Noticing this before I took a bite.

My sister wasn't so lucky.

Eating lots of yummy kettle corn at the Twins game.

You can tell that I've been eating lots of yummy kettle corn and then some.

Finally getting a giant stack of about 400 pieces of paper all filed in their proper place...and no, I don't mean the garbage can.

Discovering that while I had been filing the aforementioned papers, someone had squirted a tube of toothpaste all over the bathtub.

Seeing that she had also covered her legs with yellow chalk.

And wiped it all over the towels.

Having my first link party.

Some lovely people attended.  Feel free to take a peek.

Hope your week is off to a great start.
♥ Tricia

April 15, 2011

Photo Feature Friday No. 1

Hello!  Welcome to the very first Photo Feature Friday!  I'm so happy you're here.  I thought I'd go with some photos that had a bit of a party theme today to celebrate the occasion.  Would you like a cupcake or perhaps some pink lemonade...

Oh, I have jelly beans too...I've had a terrible sweet tooth lately.  I searched high and low for some cute wrappers for those cupcakes.  Do you think I could find any?  That would be a NO.  After racking my brain for a solution, I decided to ruffle up some crepe paper on my sewing machine.  Then, I just tied it around the cupcakes and stuck them in those cute little bowls I showed you the other day.

Don't they look yummy?  Now that I'm done taking pictures I'm sure I'll have to eat them all...don't want to be wasteful.  Hopefully, they're all dried out by now so that I won't want to :) 

Okay, lets talk about photo stuff.  Since I got my camera in January, I've been trying to be a good girl and read up on all of it's features.  Instead of using the little manual that they provide, I went out a got a big giant book that explains everything more thoroughly.  I'm still a little bit clueless about things though, so I learn by doing...I just try out a variety of settings and see what happens.  Usually I shoot in AV or on the macro setting, which is what I did for this set of photos.

As for the processing, I love to use both actions and textures.  Today, I used the Sweet Haze action from Florabella and the WarmSun texture from Kim Klassen, adjusting the opacity of each based on what each particular picture called for.


Well, what about you?  Are you ready for a photo show and tell?  Let's get started!  I can't wait to see all of the pretty pictures you've been taking.  Please remember to include a Photo Feature Friday link or button in your post and to go out, mingle and share the lve.  If you want more party specifics look here.  Next week's suggested photo theme is "Easter."  Do with it what you will or do something of your own choosing :)

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who added my button to their sidebar or posted about the party.  I can't tell you how much that means to me.  You guys are the best!  I also want to give a special shout out to Courtney at French Country Cottage.  She has been super sweet...telling me how set up the party link and putting up with my worrisome emails :)

Okay, let's roll!

♥ Tricia

April 14, 2011

Tonight's the Night

Hello!  Just thought I'd put up a little reminder that tonight's the night that Photo Feature Friday starts...not that you probably need it since I've talked about it enough!  Sorry.  Really, I mostly just wanted to do this post to lay out the party specifics so everything's in one place in case I want to link back to it on my sidebar or some such thing.  I like things organized, what can I say?  So anyway, here's the lowdown:

About Photo Feature Friday

Photo Feature Friday is a link party where you can share posts that highlight your photography.  Just do a quick post showcasing a few of your most favorite and beautiful photos.  Since it is a photo themed party, please try to mention photography somewhat in your post, if you can.  You could tell us you're just learning photography, provide some photo or processing information or give a few tips.  You don't need a fancy camera to participate.  The point of the party is to show us your photos, get better at using your camera, inspire others and have fun.

Each week I will suggest a theme for the following week.  You can choose to go with the theme or not...the choice is up to you!

When is it?

The link will go up on Thursday evenings around 6:00 central time and will remain open for two days.

New to Linking?  Here's the Scoop

To link to the party:
Publish your post.
Click the inlinkz button on my post.
Link your post’s permalink, not the main page of your blog. To do this, click on the post’s title, then copy and past the url that is found in your browser into the url box.
Give your link a title in the name box.
Enter your email.
Select a picture for your link.
Hit the button.
Ta da!  Your done.

To create a link to the party in your post:
Click link in the Compose tab.
Copy and paste the party's url in the web address box.
Type whatever words you want the link to connect to in text to display.
Click ok and you're done!

Things to Remember

Please include a link to Photo Feature Friday or the party's button in your post.
Go out and share the love

Catch ya later!


April 13, 2011

Defining My Blog

Hola people! 

My wonderful friend, Sarah, at Modern Country Style is hosting a Define Your Blog party tomorrow and I thought I'd join in her fun.  The point of the party is to, obviously, define what your blog is all about, reflect on what makes it yours and perhaps talk about any intentions you have for your blog.

So my blog...what's it all about?  Well, that can be summed up pretty simply.  It's my special place to focus on a few artistic things that I enjoy. 




It's in that category of photography where I'm really finding my bliss.  Because of my blog, I've figured out that I really, really love taking pictures, so that's become my primary focus lately.  I'm sure you've noticed ;)  Anyway, I just keep working at it, hoping to improve my photo skills and capture some pretty pictures.

As for my intentions for this little space in the blog world, it was primarily to help myself find my way back to me.  I've always thought of myself as an artistic free-spirit type person and I'd been feeling like I'd lost that...happily though, it seems like I'm on the right path now.  How about a cheer or a high five or something?! 

I also thought it would be great, if in the midst of everything I do here, I could send out some nice positive messages to others, which I think fits nicely with my blog's name...A Rosy Note.

So there you go, my blog in a nutshell.  Hope you're having a wonderful week.  Are you all ready for Photo Feature Friday?  I'm not...I better get movin' :)

♥ Tricia

April 12, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Hi everyone!  Since I love taking pictures and adding textures to them, I thought I would participate in Texture Tuesday at Kim Klassen Cafe again today.  I really wanted to try out her newest texture, Silence, but sadly it wasn't really working out the way I wanted with this set of pictures, so  I decided, instead, to get out my favorite...WarmSun.

The ranunculus that I showed you the other day were still looking pretty enough for photos, thankfully.  Just between you and me, I think I have a bit of a flower obsession lately.  I have plans to get more tomorrow  :)

Don't you think these pictures seem nice and earthy with a little bit of a western feel?  It seems like the texture bring that out and adds some personality.  I'm likin' it.

Hope you're having a wonderful week thus far.  It's been nice and sunny here lately, so I'm feeling pretty happy.  I'll be back with more posts tomorrow and Thursday, so until then...

♥ Tricia

April 07, 2011

Sideboard Switch Up

Hello friends.  Are you having a good week?  I've been busy with this and that.  I decided to switch up my sideboard the other day.  It had been sitting there looking the same old way for a few months and needed a little change.  I started by taking down the big white birdcage and painting that had been on top of it and replaced them with an old window that I had.

Then, when I was supposed to be shopping for a birthday present, I bought something for myself instead...these pretty white ranunculus.   I used an ironstone pitcher as a vase and figured some lemons would look nice with the flowers, since they would accentuate that one flower that's wide open with the big yellow center.  Lemons are my addiction.  I love everything about them - the way they look, the way they smell and the way they taste...especially in my other addiction...Diet Coke :)

See these cute little bowls?  After I saw them at Lara's I knew that I needed some too.  I have a bunch of other bigger bowls in the same shape so, of course, there had to be some little mini ones in the collection.  They make me think of French cafe au lait bowls, I think that's why I like them so much. 

Love these cutie pie marshmallows.  They're lemon-lime flavored and taste Mmm Mmm good.  I had one or two or ten.  I also got some that look like orange slices and some pink and white ones for my kids' Easter baskets.

There you are my lovelies.  Not a giant switch up but enough to keep things looking a little fresh around here.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I'm wishing for warm weather and it sounds like it's gonna happen.

♥ Tricia

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April 04, 2011

My New Photo Party

Hello everyone!  I am pleased to announce that I finally finished making a button for my photo party, which I'm now going to call by it's official name...Photo Feature Friday.   I felt like I was never going to get to it, but as soon as my son went off to school today, I got my little girl settled down with some snacks and a Dora video and got down to business.  This is what I came up with...

I hope you like it.  I think it's a good combination of the photo theme and what my blog is all about.  As you can see, the party is going to be held on Fridays.  I know there are a lot of parties that day, but the end of the week just works out better for me.  The first Photo Feature Friday will be held next week on April 15th, with the link going up the evening before.  I hope you can join in!  Also, if you want a button they're over there on my sidebar.

Oh, just two more things...you don't need a fancy camera to participate, a couple of people have wondered about that.  The point of the party is to get better at using the camera that you have and, of course, to have fun.  Just do a quick post focusing on a few of the best photos you were able to take and if you want to tell us about anything you did to your photos that's always good too.  Also, on my last post, I got some questions about what photo processing program I use.  It's just the basics...Photoshop Elements 6.0.

Best wishes for a sunny day ♥ Tricia